Morning Run Yields 4 Green Wishes!

An early morning run can be a bit tough on the body sometimes, but it almost always is very easy on the soul!

I hit Sloan's Lake this morning at about 6:30 for my regular loop and ended up doing a little Green Wishing while I was at it. The kid's jungle gym area and main parking lot provided me with a great way to get the morning started right. (Sadly, there are almost always green wishes to be found there).

I happlily took out four pieces of trash: a Hostess cherry pie wrapper, an empty Squirt can, a plastic picnic fork (in two pieces) and a granola bar wrapper were the prizes for the day. And just like that...WEEEHOOO: FOUR GREEN WISHES FOR ME!

Green Wishes for today (or thus far in the day):

1. I wish that the Green Wish concept grows and encourages others to take an active role in cleaning up their most treasured green spaces!
2. I wish that our garden has another bountiful year, with tomatoes, basil, peppers, raspberries (and more) in such abundance that we can share with many others!
3. I will keep this one private for my own dreams. :)
4. I leave one wish available for the taking...if you read this first, it is YOURS! Just post back to say you got it! Happy Green Wish!

1 comment:

  1. My green wish (that I take from you--thanks!!) is that Denver keeps growing as a "green" city--more bikers, bike lanes, and public transportation starts growing even more (and my responsibility to this wish is that I start to do these very things!)