Roosevelt National Forest Campsites Looking Pretty Dang Good

This weekend, I made an exploratory visit to the Roosevelt National Forest in northern Colorado about 40 miles west of Ft. Collins. I was happily joined on this trip by navigator Amy (wife) and security officer, Gus (doggie).

We ventured on dirt roads to the Tom Bennett campsite just a few miles from the Rocky Mountain National Park boundary.

Our inspection (simply enjoying, eating good food & smores, joke telling, dreaming) revealed a very well maintained campsite with very little rubbish around. Still, for experienced green wish seekers like us, it was not too difficult to find some stray pieces of trash from previous campers.

A plastic fork and the plastic tie from a loaf of bread were the most notable specks of trash had on this visit. Kudos to previous campers for "leaving no trace!" We're happy to help with these two pieces as they now give Amy and me (Gus has declined participation in the actual wish making) two green wishes.

They are as follows:

Doug: I wish that the Atlantic Hurricane season is mild as to not exacerbate the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Amy: I wish all dog owners would be more conscientious about picking up dog poop when they walk their doggies.


  1. this is a great idea! thanks for sharing!
    i picked up a couple of trash on our trip to a waterfall in april... here's my wish:
    that the government will stop making more golf courses in our country (malaysia).

  2. Thanks Alison for joining in! Here's hoping your green wish will come true! Keep on finding those green wishes, helping keep Malaysia beautiful!