Welcome to the Green Wish Foundation

Hello World...It's us! Yes, we who care about our parks and open spaces, we who are saddened by the proliferation of trash and litter everywhere, we who are ready to do something about it to help clean up our own little neck of the woods! We are the Green Wish Foundation.

The concept is simple: "Find some trash. Pick it up. All day long you'll have good luck." With this simple thought and action, we can not only improve our environment, but we can pass on to younger generations the experience of taking action to help make our world a cleaner, more livable place.

Through this blog and our website www.greenwishfoundation.org concerned citizens can bring their green wishes to life! We hope to offer tips on how you can "adopt" local parks and open spaces and keep them clean and free of trash in the name of the Green Wish Foundation. Additionally, we will offer simple, easy to use tips for helping establish and promote clean Green Wish sites, as well as offering templates and tools to help concerned citizens effectively advocate for clean parks with local governements and parks departments.

Most importantly, this organization is dedicated to passing on the idea of the Green Wish to the next generation! We aspire to help facilitate children learning the value and benefit of taking action towards a cleaner, greener world. With each piece of trash or litter that is picked up (and appropriately deposited in a nearby trash receptacle :) a person (regardless of how young or old they are) receives a wish...for something special for themselves or for the world.

It is an easy proposition...just start picking up trash and let the green wishes start rolling in!

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