Record Day for Sloan's Lake Green-Wishing!

I must give credit where credit is due: the parks department working at Sloan's Lake in Denver generally do a great job! The park is a busy place with regular picnics, people chatting, playing games, running, walking, biking and so much more...it is a wonder that the place is not overrun by litter.

That being said (always the bad with the good) there were endless green wishes to be had today. Once around the lake and my hands were full for each trash can I passed.

Among the pieces picked up today: a Crystal Geyser water bottle label, an Enfamil formula packet, a blue Dentyne package, countless straws, a wrapper of something with all sorts of unrecognizable ingredients, one cut zip-tie, numerous water bottle lids (come on people...those were dropped on purpose) and the fortune from a fortune cookie (it read: What is hidden in an empty box? Egg --don't really get it, but I still get the wish!)

So my picking up today was complimented by a nice man working for the city on a John Deere four-wheeler. He scooted around on his machine with a long grabber doing a heck of a good job. He pulled up next to me and I proudly told him that for each piece of trash, I get a wish! I probably should have let him in on the secret--even though it was his job, he is still entitled to make some green wishes. I hope he gets them someday.

So today, I offer a few public green wishes; the rest I will keep private and put towards very worthwhile and beneficial things!

1. I hope that this summer is a productive one of fighting the dreaded pine bark beetle infestation that is destroying so much of the Colorado forests.
2. I hope that instead of the political and social demonizing over the science of global climate change, people of all kind simply start to make choices in their own lives that show an increasing respect for the Earth and for what are limited and valuable natural resources.
3. (Closer to home) I hope that my struggling Thai Hot Pepper plant finds her roots. The heat is killing her now and I worry about her in the hot summer days ahead.
4. That anyone reading this makes a green wish sometime in the next week!

Happy wishing...

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