Add New Meaning to This Year's INDEPENDENCE DAY!

This July 4th weekend, as you celebrate our nation's forefathers declaring independence from tyranny...why not personally declare independence from the anger, frustration, sadness and disgust you feel from seeing your favorite park or open space being spoiled by TRASH!

Take a few moments during the camping, bbq-ing, boating, recreating and generally celebrating, please try to do your part to help make this YOUR greenest 4th of July ever. Find some trash and pick it up...all 4th of July you will have good luck!

For some of you who are old enough, this video may serve as a reminder of how litter has been a huge problem in our country for far too long....

Happy Green Wishing!


  1. today at the park, i picked 6 empty cigarette packs (wow!), 1 plastic cup, 1 drink box & 1 plastic bag. so i've got 9 wishes!!!

    1. i wish the animals at the oil spilled ocean will be saved/safe and be well.
    2. i wish people would hurry up and clean the oil spilled ocean.
    3. i wish more and more people love the earth & each other
    4. i wish my dog will get well, have happy coat of fur and be healthy soon
    5. i wish all the children in the world are loved.
    6. i wish the people in my country will learn more about wild life and stop killing tigers.
    7. i wish wild tigers in my country are safe and have more jungle to run free.
    8. i wish our government will not build anymore new dams and look for other means of generating energy, so that wild animals will have their home.
    9. i wish everyone happy! :)

    thank you thank you thank you!

  2. oh, by the way...
    happy 4th july to you and may your green wishes come true!

  3. Congratulations on your most successful Green Wishing! It seems you are very skilled at this--keep it up!!!

    My sense is that Malaysia--and the world in general--are a little bit better because of your efforts and green wishing!

    Happy Wishing!