Taking the GREEN WISH Show on the Road to Crested Butte, Colorado

This Fourth of July, I ventured westward in Colorado to some of the most beautiful country in the world. The ultimate destination of the trip was Crested Butte, but along the way (and the return) there were adventures in/at Cottonwood Pass, Taylor Lake and Waterfall Creek Trail outside CB (oh and a quick stop at a thrift store in Selida, CO!). My trusted companion, pathfinder and tent-set-up expert was one Amy B Yetman. She is a whiz on the tent set up as well as tent-site-selection.

Additional members of the Yetman family made the trip as well (Duncan, Cinder, Thelma-Lou and Gus Bergan-Yetman)! A good time was had by all--and that means hiking, cooking out, singing by the campfire and snuggling for sure! AND OF COURSE...there was ample time for Green Wishing--there always is.
It seems that many folks in this part of the country were living by the credo of "Leave No Trace". This is always important, but especially when dealing with such beautiful areas such as the Colorado Wilderness.

The campsites were generally clean (not clean enough to keep Amy and me from each getting a couple of wishes) as were the roads. That being said, wind is sometimes a culprit in going in opposition to the "Leave No Trace" ideal and the pictures on this post show an ice bag (Green Wish as I like to call it!!!) that got away from someone. I also found an OLD beer can with a pull-tab top.
So two simple green wishes for me:

1. That this part of the country continue to be protected and respected by all who live, work and play in it.

2. That others in the world take the time, while recreating (on hikes, rides, etc) to make Green Wishes!

Finally, kudos to all hikers on the Waterfall Creek Trail outside Crested Butte. Both Amy and I (and Gus and Duncan) were SKUNKED in our green wishing! A nearly 3 hour hike and not a single piece of trash. We happily came home empty handed from this one.

1st green wish haiku:
wonderful trip, YES!
will do green wishing here
happy to do it.

Happy Wishing!

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