Tips for Being a Successful Green Wisher!

As you come to this blog, you may ask yourself: "How the heck do I do this green wishing stuff? Is it as simple as it sounds?" The answers are so very easy!

As you wander, run, roll or stroll down the street, path, or beach just start being aware of the trash that you see. Only now when you see the trash, don't be disgusted or angry that there is some litter messing up your pretty spot--instead see the litter as an opportunity to LOVE your surroundings and to have a wish (any wish) granted for you or the EARTH!

Some basic DOs in Green Wishing:
  • pick up items large and small
  • no amount of trash is too little and well...you can keep picking up until there is no more to pick up!
  • use glove or pet waste bags to pick up any "gross" items
  • always remember to wash your hands after you have gone green wishing
  • recycle whenever possible
  • spread the word about the Green Wish Foundation and why you are picking up trash
  • keep track of what you pick up and let us know!
  • MAKE SURE TO USE YOUR WISHES--remember that you can send them to friends and loved ones!

Some basic DON'Ts in Green Wishing

  • don't pick up dangerous items
  • don't pick up an item unless you know what it is
  • don't worry so much about picking up paper items/tissues that are in the late stages of decomposition

These are just some basics. More fun ways to build green wishing into your life coming soon!

Happy Wishing!

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